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People Make The World Go 'Round - The Sanae Braxton Collaborative_Robert Sanae & Tom Braxton - The Other Side
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In July 2016, Robert released a new collaborative album, The Other Side, with Tom Braxton (Saxophonist from Earl Klugh and former music director for the late Wayman Tisdale), on the Pacific Coast Jazz label.  Just like the perfect cup of coffee, Label mates, Sanae and Braxton have brewed a delicious blend of contemporary, chill, and smooth jazz.  Sanae's nine originals and the Stylistics' classic "People Make the World Go 'Round" feature his mellow trumpet with Braxton's complimentary soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones.  Robert's keyboards and production worked hand in hand with Tom's ideas as they co-produced and added friends Al Turner (music director and bassist from Earl Klugh and  Kem) and flutist Bradley Leighton (Pacific Coast Jazz).  Turner adds plenty of spice to Sanae's take on "People Make the World Go 'Round" and the Wayman Tisdale tribute "What's up Tis?"  With the bouncy "The Finer Things," Sanae, Braxton, and guitarist Chris Bowman trade melodic lines over a hypnotic groove.  Robert's haunting trumpet soars through the title track, "The Other Side," with Tom's alto and tenor right by his side.  Sanae's production skills are showcased on "Groovis" as he gives himself and Braxton's tenor a perfect place to share an energetic melody.  Guitarist Chris Bowman shines again on Sanae's dreamy "City by Night," which captures the mood of the urban landscape complete with street lights, neon signs, and moonlight.  "Sharolyn's Eyes," written for a friend's wife, spotlights Braxton's smooth tenor with Robert's melodic trumpet and keyboards as they all join the party in the grooving solo section.  "Castle by the Sea" is a nice change of pace for the romantics with its soothing acoustic guitar and catchy vocal phrases that whisk us away to a castle by the sea.  The album is completed by the Latin-flavored "A Time for Tea," which adds Leighton's flute to the recipe, and the ballad "Infinitely You," which features Tom's lyrical soprano in an "unplugged" setting.  This collaboration marks a first for Sanae and Braxton and it is very comfortable and productive.  There is a spark between these two that we certainly hope to see again down the road in their musical journeys.

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